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AIP Scientific

AIP Scientific focuses on designing and manufacturing custom 3D printed maxillofacial, cranial, and orthopedic implants made of titanium and BioCer.

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ProtoLab is a 3D printing and robotic engineering laboratory founded by three young Armath graduates in Noyemberyan. They provide custom 3D design, modeling, rendering, and printing services.

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AI Internship

AI internship is a three months long advanced internship program for war veterans utilizing AI/ML and Deep Learning methods for visual navigation and object detection in aerial images.

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Armenian Bioinformatics Institute

With the support of SASTIC ABI will acquire a computer server to enlarge their research capacity. A new infrastructure with larger memory and computing power will support ABI’s mission to create unprecedented opportunities for students, researchers, and bioinformaticians leading to better education, quality research, an improved economy, and eventually, a better future.

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Denovo Sciences

Denovo Sciences is a cutting-edge deep-tech company with operations in the US and Armenia, dedicated to revolutionizing the field of drug discovery. Their mission is to discover new small molecule drug candidates using their proprietary AI-based platform.

The company uses pure reinforcement learning (RL) and molecular simulations. This innovative approach allows them to generate thousands of novel compounds in a matter of days, even when there is little or no experimental data available for the target of interest.

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Nu FarmTech

Nu FarmTech is a smart farming technology company. Their smart farming technology is a complete solution that ensures monitoring and control of greenhouse processes and improves crop quality and productivity. The company develops AI models to multiply the crop yield. By investing in Nu FarmTech, SASTIC aims to support the company’s projects financing and software development.

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Bazoomq Space Research Lab

With the support of SASTIC, Bazoomq is to accomplish the launch of Armenia’s own satellite, Hayasat-1, the development and preparation of which was carried out in Armenia by Armenian specialists. In November 2023, the first domestic satellite will be launched into space through SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket.

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