Strategic Armenian Science and Technology Investment Community
It is upon us to do everything in our power to make our world more resilient and prosperous.



The past cannot be changed, however, the future is yet in your power.

As an organized global team of skilled professionals, we are focused on funding, providing support and mentorship of strategic projects for our society. 

Our projects drive education in STEM fields, create jobs, spark innovation

We have developed an operational model that will maximize our impact by aligning and unifying the combined potential of incubated companies, research projects, and members.

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Our Mission

Our professional community creates infrastructures, assists in education, forms modern companies and their unions to execute long-term strategic programs, making the world more resilient and prosperous.




Establish education and human resource development for strategic programs.



Infrastructure development to enable technology and R&D.



Use developed community capital and aggregate additional investments from members to back initiatives and businesses.

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Knowledge, skills, time, money, and benefit from personal investment in a long run.


Make minimal and consistent monthly contributions.


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To develop educational programs, labs & facilities, projects that finally will become sustainable businesses.


Establish educational programs or educational institutes to support human capital development.


Establish labs, facilities, develop tools that can facilitate or accelerate SASTIC's Projects.


Come up with projects that can become a technological development and be a part of SASTIC's strategic programs.

SASTIC Strategic Programs

The SASTIC programs consist set of educational, infrastructure and business oriented projects aiming to dramatically improve a certain sector of the industry. SASTIC will focus on following strategic sectors:

Renewable Energy and related technologies

General public housing

ICT, Digital transformation, IoT and automation


AI and Robotics

Health and Medicine


Here is the impact we made as organized community. 

The last funded project!

Orthopedic implants 3D printing

SASTIC signed its first investment (Convertable Notes) agreement with the AIP Tech team.   With this investment, SASTIC will contribute to the development of orthopedic implant technologies in Armenia, in particular, to the 3D modeling of virtual implants, surgical planning, and preparation of patient-specific anatomical models and implants using 3D printing and 5X CNC machines.   The AIP Tech commits to providing 5 copies of implants to our war-affected beneficiaries…


AIP Tech story by Mirna BZDIGIAN – Beauty with a Purpose (Miss World 2021) 

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