SASTIC Launches AI and Machine Learning Internship Program for War Veterans

15 November 2022

SASTIC Launches AI and Machine Learning Internship Program for War Veterans

We are excited to announce that SASTIC has launched an internship program focused on artificial intelligence and machine learning for war veterans. During the program, students will work under the supervision of international and local experts in the field, gaining knowledge and experience that will be valuable in the job market and for generating new ideas and change.

The internship program is being implemented in collaboration with Stimulus of Thought, an NGO that has been providing intense training in AI/ML and web development to war veterans in Armenia. The program will be split into three steps:

  • Setting up, research and understanding the assignment
  • Exploration of data, selection of possible approaches, testing approaches
  • Consolidation, advanced steps of code structuring.

There will be two groups of five students, and three technical mentors will be available to provide support and guidance. Twice a week, the students will meet for in-person sessions to receive hands-on help with their projects, and there will also be twice weekly meetings to check progress and review/evaluate findings.

We are proud to support the education and career development of war veterans through this internship program, and we look forward to seeing the exciting results that come out of it. Stay tuned for updates on the program and its progress.


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