Projects review committee

The Purpose
SASTIC’s success depends on successful and
efficient review and evaluation of projects and ideas. To enable SASTIC’s board
to make informed decision about specific project it is essential for the
project to go through objective technical and business feasibility review
processes and to ensure that all necessary information about the project is
captured and documented. 
Considering all the above, it is critical to
have a dedicated team to manage and oversee those processes.

The Function

·         The focus of the Projects Review Committee (PRC) is the management and oversight of SASTIC project lifecycle defined by SASTIC Project Workflow.

·         PRC ensures that projects follow workflow steps, and all the necessary documents and artifacts are produced.

·         PRC reviews submitted projects and ensures that project applications have sufficient information necessary for the technical feasibility review. If necessary, PRC members will work with the applicants to obtain the missing information.

·         PRC conducts the initial Feasibility, Acceptance, and Suitability (FAS) review, prepares FAS scorecards for each project and based on the FAS scores selects projects to move to Technical Feasibility Review.

·         PRC works closely with the project management team, leaders of individual working groups and the business development team to organize and conduct technical and business feasibility reviews, respectively.

·         PRC, along with experts from the working group will evaluate the outcome of the technical feasibility review of the project. Determine readiness for the next step (business review) and publish its recommendation.

·         PRC, along with the business development team and the board, will participate in the business case interview.

·         While projects propagate through SASTIC’s project lifecycle it is PRC’s responsibility to identify synergy between projects and work with corresponding SASTIC teams and committees to realize them.

·         PRC coordinates its activities with technical working groups, project management, business development, and operational teams.

·         PRC regularly organizes retrospective meetings with involved parties to identify areas of improvement in the project review processes.

·         It’s PRC’s responsibility to define and manage project management workflows.

·         PRC will provide regular reports to the CEO and board of directors.

The Members

The team is built from professionals with
diverse backgrounds who will lead the project review and assessment processes
by working with other SASTIC teams.   

The Committee consists of all SASTIC active members:

Roubik Manoukian The Committee Lead, Software Architect
Armen Khachatryan Engineering/Management, Semiconductor Physics PhD, YSU
Ruben Hakopian Startup Founder, PhD in Computer Science from IIAP, Enterprise Sales & Marketing Dates from Stanford University
Artur Apresyan Scientist, PhD Purdue University
Davit Aghryan Principal Engineer, MS Electrical Engineering
Hayk Khachatryan Startup Founder, PhD Chemistry YSU
Haik Nazarian Business Process Leader, IS Management, University of Indianapolis – School of Business
Hayk Petrosyan Senior Engineer, PhD Engineering, YSU
Karen Hayrapetyan Data Science, PhD Physics, Purdue University
Paytsar Muradyan Assistant Atmospheric Scientist, PhD Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Purdue University
Gohar Aroushanian SW Engineer
Anush Ghambaryan Neuroscientist, PhD student, Ecole Normale Superieure (Paris), Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience (Moscow). Economist, MS, Yerevan State University
Armen Grigoryan Startup coach and technical adviser, PhD, Computer Science, YSU
Arpine Khozmanyan Data Science, PhD Physics
Emil Maghakian Expertise in managing Hardware product R&D and Manufacturing. MS, Computer Science and Applications, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Armen Grigorian Private equity investment