3D printing myoelectrical prosthetics

Current Status: Under Review.

Provider: ArmBionics

Our (ArmBionics)  goal is to develop this field in Armenia by launching a modern laboratory which will allow us to implement our research and development stage, create and test our rehab technologies, create few types of upper limb prosthetics, and make a huge impact not only on the physical but also psychosocial life of disabled people. There are thousands of people with upper limb amputation in our region and there is a need for high-quality limb prosthetics for them. Also considering the damages of the Artsakh’s 44 days war which started on 27 September 2020 there are many more Armenian soldiers who have lost their upper limbs. Disability leads to isolation from society, loss of self-esteem, loss of self-confidence, loss of faith in the future. However, there is no company in our country that provides highly functional and affordable upper limb prostheses. By creating high quality and affordable bionic hands, we will help those people to restore their abilities, to feel and move the hand as well as it would be possible with a healthy hand.