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Let’s contribute Armenia’s future together

Our roadmap

1. Getting together

This is the first milestone with the aim of bringing together enough people (thousand and more)  who believe in the mission and are ready to invest to change the life in Armenia and get long-term benefits.

This milestone must demonstrate that:

2. Consolidating group members’ (investors’) views

As soon as we achieve the first milestone, the next step would be forming a survey team.


3. Defining the fund structure

Based on the investors’ ideas and expectations, the dedicated finance team should develop, release, and present the possible fund structures. The proposed structures must satisfy the above-defined goals.


After discussions, reviews, and final votes, the best structure will be selected. This will result in the establishment of the fund.

4. The fund roadmap definition

With the fund’s legal establishment, a managing board should be appointed  by election. From this point, we can start the actual investments. 


The managing board should develop and present the roadmap of the fund. This must include short, medium, and long term goals and targets.


The fund’s online platform must be operational to enable investors with online registration, contribution, and process monitoring.

5. Execution

Based on the defined projects the actual investments must be kicked-off.


The projects execution, milestones, and results must be monitored and periodically reported to the investors.


The operational team must demonstrate real impact (initially even small)  to gain trust and to constantly bring new investors repeatedly. 

Summary in video

What can you do


Invest, knowledge, skills, time, money, and benefit from personal investment in the long run

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Make minimal and consistent monthly contibutions


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