Our Mission

Welcome to SASTIC, a professional community dedicated to fostering the development of science, technology, and innovation in Armenia. Our organization is committed to creating research infrastructure, assisting in education and scientific research, and forming or investing in modern companies and unions to execute long-term strategic programs in Armenia.

Our goal is to make our country more resilient and prosperous by investing in and empowering talented individuals and teams to drive progress and innovation in the STEAM sector. We believe that through dedicated and targeted investments, professional mentorship and coaching, and collaborative efforts, we can help Armenian talent flourish and take a leading role in advanced technologies and innovation.

Whether you are a highly skilled professional looking to get involved in our community, a business interested in investing in our mission, or an individual looking to support our efforts, we welcome you to be a part of SASTIC and contribute to our vision of a brighter future for Armenia.

Through our efforts, we aim to make Armenia a leader in innovation and advanced technologies, producing products that can strategically improve the country’s security and well-being. We invite all highly skilled Armenians who share our vision to join us and be a part of this mission. Together, we can make a big impact and contribute to the long-term prosperity of our nation.

SASTIC was founded in the aftermath of the war in Armenia, with the goal of creating opportunities for war veterans and supporting the development of the STEAM fields in the country. The organization was initiated by Armen Khachatryan, who saw the need for a fund that could be used to create jobs and support the growth of these fields.

The initial working group of professionals from different fields came together to define the vision and operational model of the organization, and eventually established a board and various committees and working groups to support its mission implementation.

Today, SASTIC is made up of a diverse group of highly skilled individuals, including professionals from a variety of STEM fields, as well as experts in business, finance, and other related areas. SASTIC is registered as a 501(c)(3) charity in the United States and as an NGO in Armenia. The organization works in partnership with a variety of stakeholders, including academia, industry, and the government, in order to advance its mission of making Armenia more resilient and prosperous.