Our professional community creates research infrastructures, assists in education and scientific research, forms modern companies and their unions to execute long-term strategic programs, making our country more resilient and prosperous.

Our mission

Our aim is to bring thousands Armenians together to make a big impact

If you are a highly skilled Armenian who is willing to form a reliable group and together financially invest in science, high technology industry, and infrastructures, Armenian youth’s education, this is the right place for you. 
We believe that in the long run, with dedicated and targeted investments and professional mentoring and coaching, the Armenian talent is capable of flourishing. 
Armenian bright minds capable of taking lead in innovation and advanced technologies, form profiting companies, and produce products that can strategically improve the country’s security, and wellbeing.
If you are:
  • a high skilled professional capable of minimal yet regular, monthly small investment,
  • and/or have the skills to be become a mentor or leader in high tech projects,
  • and/or you want to help our young soldiers to recover from the war,
  • and/or you want to positively impact our country’s future,
  • and/or you wish to potentially benefit from a personal investment in the long term then SASTIC is for you!

Join us and make an impact.


Recent events

Unfortunately once again we have experienced a national disaster that is yet to end. The war resulted in huge losses, political instability, major displacement and sadly, a whole generation of young soldiers with physical disabilities. In this trying times we desperately need to forge new paths, solutions and platforms which can reunite us again and guarantee a stable future for our nation and country. 

Fortunately, there are several ideas and beliefs which unify us, such as: 

  • Infinite love towards our children and young, 
  • Infinite love towards our country and culture, 
  • Infinite desire to build a secure country and live freely.

What you can do


Knowledge, skills, time, money, and benefit from personal investment in a long run


Make minimal and consistent monthly contibutions


Bring in your skills and experise


Become a mentor or lead to our youth