SASTIC Invests in Denovo Sciences Inc

We are excited to inform that SASTIC has signed its first SAFE Agreement with Denovo Sciences Inc, a deep technology company that is breaking new ground with its cutting-edge research and development.

Their mission is to discover new small molecule drug candidates using their proprietary AI-based platform.

What sets Denovo Sciences apart from other AI-based drug discovery companies is their use of pure reinforcement learning (RL) and molecular simulations. This innovative approach allows them to generate thousands of novel compounds in a matter of days, even when there is little or no experimental data available for the target of interest.

Their advanced platform has proven to be highly effective, as they consistently produce superior compounds with outstanding properties. By leveraging the power of RL, Denovo Sciences is able to rapidly identify promising drug candidates.

With the funding from SASTIC, Denovo Sciences will expand their computational and laboratory capabilities, accelerating their ability to discover new drug candidates in a more efficient and cost-effective manner.

Learn more about Denovo Sciences’ End-to-end AI drug discovery platform