Become an ambassador

What does it mean to be a SASTIC ambassador?

SASTIC ambassadors fully share SASTIC’s aspiration to transform Armenia into a prosperous and resilient country via technological, scientific, and infrastructural advancements. Taking a proactive stance in regard to Armenia’s present reality, they
– believe in the bright future of Armenia and believe that Armenians all over the world have strong potential to work and ensure timely and proper development of Armenia meeting external and internal challenges for that.
– believe that SASTIC’s activity model – a community accumulating and putting into action intellectual and financial resources of Armenians all over the world, is effective and timely.
– highly appreciate the efforts of each SASTIC member; are informed about projects, working groups; and have opportunities and can evaluate SASTIC’s achievements and progress towards the goals.
– are eager to promote SASTIC’s brand and are ready to put their time and energy into reaching out to professionals and investors in order to get them joining SASTIC and working towards SASTIC’s success.

What are the roles of SASTIC ambassadors?

SASTIC ambassadors take over the responsibility to foster SASTIC’s expansion and recognition all over the world, especially but not only in the Armenian communities. In order to fulfill this key role, they
– Support and develop communication with their local and global Armenian communities as a SASTIC member.
– Properly formulate and communicate SASTIC’s achievements and plans with the public.
– Reach out to communities with general invitations and specific requests when necessary.
– Help and improve the communication experience between SASTIC and the local community (in preparation of and during meetings and social events).

What are the responsibilities of SASTIC ambassadors?

SASTIC ambassadors are SASTIC members who may be or may not be involved in SASTIC working groups. SASTIC ambassadors’ activity is guided but not limited by the following:
– Attend general meetings of SASTIC.
– Follow weekly newsletters of SASTIC.
– Attend selected meetings of working groups, particularly, those of marketing and initial working groups.
– Regularly report to and consult with the marketing and initial working groups.
– Keep up their social media image with pre-set standards.
– Attend and initiate social and professional events in their community.
– Attend and initiate special meetings with representatives of the community and SASTIC officials.

Take personal responsibility to make our country more resilient and prosperous.