14 March 2021

14 March 2021

14 March 2021

Call for New Working Group Members

Dear SASTIC supporters and Friends,

We are happy to inform you that, the first step of the submitted projects reviews are done. The projects are sorted per industrial sector, strategic direction and besides, all are rated and scored based on the current goals and the SASTIC mission. Now when all this preparation and initial reviews are done, we are entering the second stage of Detailed Investigation. During this stage, working groups will be formed to:

  • Expert detailed analyses,
  • Run interviews with the project owners,
  • Evaluate the cases, understand the resource requirement,
  • Develop the project/sector development plan and Contribute to the 2021-2026 SASTIC strategy plan,
  • Take a lead on corresponding sectors development and projects support.

All SASTIC supporters and friends who have relevant experience and can allocate their time are kindly asked to join this very important activity.

The defined working groups are:

Group 1: Management: programs/projects management, strategic planning, risk management

Group 2: Educational programs: programming, AI, robotics, hardware design, manufacturing

Group 3: Renewable Energy and related technologies (solar, wind, batteries, electric vehicles, etc )

Group 4: War Recovery/Prosthetics

Group 5: Light industry/Textil

Group 6: Digital transformation includes: IoT, IoBT, Web technologies, Mobile apps technologies, Database, Cloud

Group 7: Agriculture, technology in agriculture

Group 8: 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), recycling of tiers, bones, plastic, etc.

Group 9: AI, Drones, robotics

Group 10: Infrastructure capacities development, labs for HW design prototyping & manufacturing (3d printers, CNC, Laster cuts, PCB assembly, machines, tools, automotive)

Group 11: Economics, Business Management, MBAs, Finances, Investments

Please join here


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