Strategic Armenian Science and Technology Investment Community

It is upon us to do everything in our power to make our country more resilient and prosperous.

SASTIC’s vision and mission, upcoming year goals are presented in the General Meeting open session.

Պրեզենտացիան հասանելի է հետևյալ հղմամբ:

Dear Fellow Armenians,

Unfortunately once again we have experienced a national disaster that is yet to end. The war resulted in huge losses, political instability, major displacement and sadly, a whole generation of young soldiers with physical disabilities. In this trying times we desperately need to forge new paths, solutions and platforms which can reunite us again and guarantee a stable future for our nation and the country.

In order to recover from the war, there are numerous things that we can do and indeed, must do. In this context, our initial mission is to create a non-political, effective, and sustainable platform that can unify many of us and allow our joined efforts to make a big and successful impact on our country’s future.

Why participate?

We are effectively solving real problems driven by our common needs. We are focused on funding strategic projects for our society. Our projects will drive education in STEM fields, create high-tech jobs, spark innovation and research.

Why now?

2020 was an unprecedented year for Armenia. A huge and united effort is a must for recovery. Faced with economic hardships and ongoing security threats, we need to act immediately utilizing our combined potential.

Why will we win?

We are a global team of skilled professionals committed to providing support and mentorship for selected programs.

We are devoted to assisting our country. We have developed an operational model that will maximize our impact by aligning and unifying the combined potential of incubated companies, research projects, and members.

Joined efforts are required

Our Mission

Our professional community creates research infrastructures, assists in education and scientific research, forms modern companies and their unions to execute long-term strategic programs, making our country more resilient and prosperous.


Contributing to Armenia's future

Unified efforts

A non-political platform for Armenians all over the worlds to come together

SASTIC calls on high skilled Armenians around the world to form a reliable group and together  invest financially in education of Armenian youth, science, high technology industries and infrastructures.

Long term professional and financial Investments

What can you do


Knowledge, skills, time, money, and benefit from personal investment in a long run


Make minimal and consistent monthly contibutions


Bring in your skills and experise


Become a mentor or lead our youth

We are building for the future!